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 Ty Gray EL

Ty Gray-EL, ‘The Minister of Poetry’, is an author, internationally renowned poet, playwright and spoken word artist. The Power of the Spoken Word is evident each time this Inspirational Storyteller opens his mouth. He captures your imagination by weaving poetry, historical events and present-day facts into a bright celestial cloth that lifts the air, enlivens your spirit and stirs your soul.

He is the founder of Gray-EL Edutainment Media Syndicate, LLC. a cultural enrichment company paying homage to the African/Edenic people who were the torch-bearers of civilization. The organization pays tribute to the spiritual, cultural and technical accomplishments of our forefathers and mothers throughout the African Diaspora, upon whose shoulders we stand and who brought civilization to the world.

Ty earned a B.S. in Street-ology from the District of Columbia, a Master’s Degree in Survival from the Ghettos of North America and a Ph.D. in Psyche-ology from the University of Hard Knocks.

 While some laugh at Ty's academic achievements (once labeled ineducable) he is as proud of his accomplishments as any holding degrees from Howard, Harvard or Yale. He is an author, activist, poet, playwright, public speaker, husband, proud father of four and Minister at New Revival Kingdom Church.

He confronts the issue of racism with poetic compassion, dramatic storytelling and historical fact while weaving a tapestry of tolerance and hope. Ty’s presentations are a slice of lecture, a slice of poetry, and a slice of theater that all come together like grandma’s sweet potato pie.









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