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Landers Butch Pierce 







Without knowledge, the people will perish!”  The hardest fought victory for Black America was the fight for educational opportunities.  It is the most critical tool in the economic development arsenal.  It would be hard to imagine where we would be as a people in today’s American society, without the foresight and determination of leader’s who fought for the rights of our people to receive a quality education, to include vocational training.  Their victories enabled the creation of our middle and business classes, as well as, the development of community wealth.

It would be hard to imagine our plight without the preservation of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities.  The current growth and existence of the Black Middle Class would have been impeded significantly and our economic situation, as a people, would truly be grave.  Thanks to the determination and spiritual drive of Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Bethune Cookman, and others who created the institutions, programs and awareness that led to the founding of these great educational facilities, and ultimately to school desegregation, and the beginning of institutional wealth creation on a broader scale in the Black Community, we owe a debt of gratitude. 

The Pan African Cultural Heritage Institute is dedicated to advancing educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities and the introduction of technology as an equalizer.







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