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Gateway Countries to Gateway Cities (GC to GC) effectively applies time-tested cultural principles that produce optimum socio-economic development in the "New and Old Worlds".  Similar to the Marco Polo era and other historical examples, GC to GC recognized the cultural and heritage routes of the "Old and New Worlds" are as the roots of the "New Marketplace".  Gateway Countries to Gateway Cities supports the idea that the "New Marketplace" will currently thrive best in the "New World".  Nevertheless, it promotes and celebrates the "New Marketplace" globally through the formation of strategic socio-economic linkages with countries in both the "New World" and the "Old World".  Of significance, it recognizes Europe and African countries; as important Gateways to the heritage routes of the New World, via the Caribbean, and Florida, the "Gateway State".

Based in the Pan African Cultural Heritage Institute, the Gateway Countries to Gateway Cities:

  1. Establishes Gateway Trade, Travel and Transformation Centers to promote effective socio-economic development perspectives for individual, organizational and community development, including community-based socio-economic development
  2. Assists Chambers of Commerce to become more effective in reaching deeper and more broadly into the marketplace by creating within each chamber a Culture, Commerce and Community identity that integrates different socio-economic perspectives" 
  3. Uses cultural explanations to describe the physical and spiritual resources of the "New World" and the "New Marketplace" thereby assisting individuals and organizations to more easily capitalize on the available wealth in their culture and heritage.
  4.  Designs and implements tourism packages for greater experiences of the "New Marketplace and the "New World" and focuses on developing new attitudes and improving relationships by "taking" individuals and organizations back to the "Old World" through Ghana and "The Joseph Project".

The "New Marketplace" or knowledge economy is a physical representation of a spiritual world we are now beginning to discover. Some of us increasingly comprehend that the rules governing the Spiritual World are the same as those that guide the "New Marketplace". Just as the spiritual world is deeply influenced by our attitudes and our relationships; likewise, success in the "New Marketplace" is largely dependent on our renewed commitment to improving our attitudes and building great relationships. Attitude will indeed determine altitude in the "New Marketplace".

Information and knowledge will only be utilized properly when we gain a thorough understanding of culture in the "New and Old Worlds". Likewise, the information and knowledge economy will only realize its maximum value when we achieve an intelligent understanding of Spirit in the Spiritual World. The degree to which we develop culturally is the exact degree to which our physical and Spiritual Worlds develop. 


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