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Does Culture Produce Wealth Or Does Wealth Produce Culture?

The Answer: ‘Culture creates Wealth’!  Every immigrant who came to America brought their culture, heritage and traditions; and integrated them into their communities, and developed the assets to create generational wealth for their people and themselves. The English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Irish, Italian, Chinese and others brought their cultures, traditions, and heritage to America, and today each is an integral part of the culture, we classify as “American”.  Our American Culture is made of various cultures and is constantly evolving, which makes us attractive to the rest of the world.  A melting pot, ‘No’ - America is a GUMBO!!!!

The African American Culture is no different.  Slaves and immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, brought to America their cultures, traditions, and heritage.  Openly and in secret, they continued to practice them, and many have survived for over four hundred years.  Our music, art, dance, foods, traditions, trades, skills and creative intelligence are integrated in the mainstream culture and society.  Unfortunately, seldom is any thought or recognition given to their origin, or their economic value.  Each cultural asset was placed into society without the originators recognizing that these assets can, and would be clustered in Black communities to duplicate the wealth that was created in the mainstream culture.  It is the desire of the Pan African Cultural Heritage Institute leadership to begin the journey by assisting the National Black Chamber implement its ‘National Cultural Heritage Initiative’.  Thus, the Institute and the National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center were created to celebrate and reclaim the Pan African identity, and to develop clusters of cultural businesses in historic Forgotten Communities and Villages, to create wealth and opportunities.  Motown, Stax, BET, and other companies that produced jobs, opportunities and wealth, serving cultural needs, are evidence of this concept.

The Pan African Cultural Heritage Institute will assist in the development of cultural economic entities that will bring to producers of cultural products and services, increased opportunities by marketing them to the Black Diaspora across the globe, via an e-commerce platform and network.  The goal again being: to educate, connect national and global communities, create jobs, and opportunities.  The primary focus of the Institute will be the creation of Cultural Wealth and the Reduction of Institutional Poverty.


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                    Building Cultural Wealth               



    1.  Cultural Heritage, History 



            (You have to know your history.) 


The African Diaspora was created by the   development of the slave trade. The first slaves used by Europeans, in what later became United States territory were among Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon’s colonization attempt of  North Carolina in 1526.


The attempt was a failure, lasting only one year; the slaves revolted and fled into the wilderness to live among the Confitachiqui people. In 1619 twenty Africans were brought by a Dutch soldier and sold to the English colony of Jamestown, Virginia as indentured servants.  




    2. Cultural Arts

            (Process that leads to products)


Forgotten Communities Program was created as a community based tourism project to support talented painters and performing artists to re-capture the spirituality and dignity of "Ordinary People"; who once and now, inhabit cultural and historic communities that are neglected by mainstream society. Only through the arts, can the spiritual moment and importance of a culture be recreated and conveyed to another culture.


    3. Cultural Tourism 

          (Your connection to the world.)


Gateway Countries to Gateway Cities (GC to GC) effectively applies time-tested cultural principles that produce optimum socio-economic development in the "New and Old Worlds".  Similar to the Marco Polo era and other historical examples, GC to GC recognized the cultural and heritage routes of the "Old and New Worlds" are as the roots of the "New Marketplace".  Gateway Countries to Gateway Cities supports the idea that the "New Marketplace" will currently thrive best in the "New World". 


Nevertheless, it promotes and celebrates the "New Marketplace" globally through the formation of strategic socio-economic linkages with countries in both the "New World" and the "Old World".



                   Project Research Model                 


 The DeVilliers Cultural Heritage e-Museum promotes the Forgotten African American community known as Belmont DeVilliers located in Pensacola Florida. It is unknown to most Americans that Pensacola is "America's First Settlement" and DeVilliers is the city's most prominent historic black community.  Pensacola has a unique and untold rich cultural history that was touted by Booker T. Washington as "The Most Progressive City In The South."

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