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Ann Chinn 


Ann L. Chinn, executive director of the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project (MPCPMP) is a self-described community activist. Ms. Chinn’s work has included children and family advocacy with Washington DC government and work as a retailer, textile artist, and organizer of a collective artists’ market. She has also written an extensive family history in collaboration with family members. 

As facilitator and founder of the project, she writes,

“My professional career has encompassed many avenues: municipal and federal civil service, community organizing and training, owning a small business, producing textile art, and writing. Those are simply the principal roads with branches into more personal interests of cultural anthropology, history and travel.

During the next decade, I am completely devoting myself to this undertaking as the fulfillment of a vocation and a promise. Only once in a while is a person fortunate to know clearly the purpose of a life; for me this project is that. Having put it aside, asking the ancestors to wait just a little bit longer for 25 years, I am keeping my commitment to remember them.

What is unique about the project is that it demands from each of us the personal acknowledgement of losses and contributions within the struggle to survive enslavement. No matter whether our relationship to the horror was as the victim, as the perpetrator, or as indirect beneficiary, it is a shared arc of history that needs to be physically marked. This project reinforces, and in some cases reestablishes, our humanity as we begin to honor our dead in the Atlantic.

I was born and raised within a loving, diverse family whose history in this land spans more than 300 years of Tidewater Virginians, New England patriots, and District of Columbia and Georgetown residents. I attended public and parochial schools, Mt. Holyoke College and The George Washington University. In this life my treasures are three children and three grandchildren, a daughter by marriage, a patient spouse, numerous relatives, wonderful friends, and four acres of land on St. Helena Island, South Carolina.”









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